2013 has been a year of projects being completed. 

The chicken coop has been expanded to allow for more chickens so our customers will not have to ask us to save them a dozen.

We are wanting the Farm to stay off-grid so a solar array was put in place on our front portion and runs our new solar well pump - marvelous!   Turn a switch and the pump starts working, turn it off and it quits!  Water on demand from the sun.
The solar tracking device still needs to be installed in the pole, but the array is working wonderfully, without a hitch!  Next related items will be installing an inverter and marine batteries for electricity!
Because we wanted to expand our growing season, a High Tunnel was built in our back property to allow planting and growing of earlier and later produce.  The 2014 growing season will be our first attempt at hot house vegetables.  The High Tunnel is around 70 ft. long so will accommodate a lot of growing room.  In the bottom right photo, you can see there is still a  lot of wood to be cut up from the huge Oak tree that burst and fell in the Summer of 2012.
The Hay Barn / Stall for the horse was started and it will also have room for irrigation items since it is closer to the fields than the well house.  It just has a few more things to be added - sliding front doors, ..............