Morning Glory Organics (the “Farm”) is a startup small-farm venture of naturally grown heirloom and specialty fruits and vegetables located in Butte Valley, Butte County, California.  

Because we are a very health-conscious couple who are focused on living a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy nutrition, we try to eat naturally grown and unprocessed food.  To that end, we eat what we grow in our garden .  . . the same produce we make available to you.  
Our belief that good health is vital for a full and productive life, and that good nutrition is part of maintaining good health, inspired us to cultivate our farm.  We are enthusiastic to bring nutritious heirloom quality and gourmet specialty fruits and vegetables to our customers.  Our crops are grown the old-fashioned way - naturally, organically, as our farm name implies.  If you and your family are seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutritious eating, you will enjoy the bounty from Morning Glory Organics.

The Farm will be growing  fruits and vegetables for distribution at Farmers' Markets with future plans to expand into specialty grocers and restaurants.  We look forward to the expansion that will allow future employment of local help which in turn will stimulate our local economy - just a smidgen.

We also know how important it is to our customers, friends and patrons to, so to speak, "put our money where our mouth is" so we are working hard and as fast as we can to become a California "certified organic" farm.  We are registered with the State as an organic farm, but there are requirements and fees to become a certified organic farm.  With the growth of our farm, we are placing funds to develop the farm first, then will do the required paperwork and such for certification.  Please be patient with us - we only want the best for you. 

Morning Glory also has pasture-raised laying hens who give us nutritious eggs while providing insect control for the farm.  Our produce and eggs are found at Farmers' Markets and at the Farm.   We hope to have our produce available at local stores in Butte and Plumas Counties in California during the summer harvest season - stay tuned.  Please click Contact Us for directions to our Farm or click on Our Bounty for the Farmers' Market(s) or store(s) where you can buy our bounty. 
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We  look forward to serving you and appreciate your business!