The eggs are medium to large in size and come in shades of taupe, dark rich brown or a warm terra cota with occasional dark speckling.  No hormones added.  Yokes are a healthy dark yellow to orange. 
Morning Glory offers fresh eggs from our very own pasture/free-range chickens who are also fed healthy grains daily and organic produce in season.
Our eggs come from Welsummer chickens.  We chose this breed because of their friendly disposition and very rich feather coloring.  
They give us nutritious eggs, while providing insect control and fertilizer for the farm.  Watch out squash bugs, mealyworms, potato bugs, earwigs and the like, - and centepedes?!!!! - here they come!  Click on history to learn more about this heritage breed.  
Our chickens spend their days walking, running (attempting to get airborne) and enjoying themselves while scratching in search of bugs, seeds and fresh greens - and laying eggs (even in the hay shed under the tarp).  
Specials!   10 cents off next purchase when carton is returned clean and intact!

Notice to our Egg Customers

          Our hens are naturally raised in a pasture setting and we do not put lights in the coop to stimulate continued egg laying.  This means that in late Fall to early Spring they take their hiatus and we barely have any eggs for ourselves.  

          However, our hens are gearing up for a lot of work come Spring, and we hope to accommodate all our customers on demand.  Thank you for your understanding that our little ladies need some rest after having so many potential babies.  Our ladies do their best.
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