Welsummer chickens are associated with the Village of Welsum in Holland, however, the breed was originally developed in the area along the river Ysel to the north of Deventer, Holland at about the same time as Barnevelders (1900 - 1913).

The original birds showed unstable coloring and characteristics until a farmer's son from the Village of Welsum crossed the original Welsummers with the Barnevelders which provided the most stable and constant characteristics.  Later, farmers from the area began buying stock from this source and the Welsummer breed was establised.
Welsummer Chicken
It is said that, Cornelius, the rooster on that famous cornflakes cereal box, was a Welsummer.
The Welsummer is a rustic red, orange colour with the roosters having irridescent green tail and breast feathers.  It is a light breed, good layers and very docile, but the hens are rarely broody.  The Welsummer lays brown eggs from a light taupe to a rich dark terra cota brown with occasional spotting which are a favorite of many consumers
of the
This is one of our roosters with a couple of the ladies.
He gets his name because he's the ladies' guardian rooster.
Two of our hens being very naughty - they love raiding the cats' food!
Doing what they like best - EATING.  
Our second rooster, (the ladies' man) in the right photo is very laid-back.
My hens!  What has happened to them!  Molting season begins around spring time when the hens also go broody - at least mine do.  And, NO, their feathers have not come off because of those wicked roosters!  Sometimes when there are too many roosters, damage to hens' feathers occurs, but my girls have been molting.  They lost feathers all over - their chests, necks, bottoms,  and legs.  My chicken yard and around about is covered with feathers.  Even my roosters have lost feathers. 
We gave away five of our older roosters and added two additional roosters in 2013 as we have found out that the chicks become smaller and smaller so we do not want inbreeding when the hens go broody to raise new chicks and our new roosters are larger and non-related to any of the hens.  We also add new pullets as the old ones begin to decline in egg laying.  I know most farms would dress the older hens for the dinner table, but we thank them for their contributions and let them live their lives out - they help teach younger hens.
Welsummer roosters are very good looking and have their distinct crows.  All of our roosters have been people-friendly - thank goodness!  
Take heart though!  Summer is close to turning into Fall and the hens are growing their feathers back.  They have little sticks all over their bare skin that look like acupuncture needles.  Some of those sticks (not the technical term for the pen feathers) have begun to spread into feathers and my girls are going to look great again!